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Broadway Technology

Project Detail

Corbel Solutions ensures that Broadway Technologies has the compute and storage capacity available to keep their service offering up to date. Corbel does this due to experience in providing a steady stream of custom built to order server configurations. Leveraging expertise in both Configuration and Supply chain. Corbel can have configured servers to Broadway’s London office in a matter of weeks.
ClientBroadway Technologies
SkillsSystems Integration and International Logistics

The story of this project

Broadway Technologies, headquartered in New York, New York provides fixed income trading solutions to both sides of financial clientele. Due to the breadth of Broadway’s solutions the company’s technology department must meet the performance requirements of automated trading and a dealing desk. Broadway’s robust trading solutions require access to always changing compute and memory landscapes.

Corbel Supports Broadway through a number of channels. Mainly providing custom configured built to order servers to the London office on short notice. Additionally, Corbel provides insight and transparency into every step of the supply chain.

With configurations, integrations and testing managed on every order, Broadway relies on Corbel Solutions to deliver the technology Consistently to their London Office, as well as additional locations.

Corbel Solutions’ global capabilities complement Broadway’s and their clients global needs for interconnectedness, safety, reliability and customer service.


Corbel Solutions expertise in Configuration allows us to deliver solutions custom configured to Broadway’s over-seas offices. Our capability to customize these configurations enables us to deliver these solutions faster than any competitor.


As an International Logistics Provider – Corbel is able to service all of Broadway’s offices.


Insight into supply chain allows Broadway to create realistic expectations for their clients. As well as aid in Digital Transformation as new processing capabilities emerge and enter the market.