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Panasonic Avionics

Project Detail

Corbel Solutions facilitates the global business needs of Panasonic Avionics through our expertise integrating technology solutions on our local engineering bench as well as with our strategic partnerships with manufacturers and distribution partners for their ISO-certified facilities and processes.
ClientPanasonic Avionics
SkillsSystems Integration and International Logistics

The story of this project

Panasonic Avionics, headquartered in Lake Forest, CA, provides a multitude of services and support to the international commercial aviation community. As an on-plane technology validation and integration partner, flight avionics technology, crew management technology, passenger safety technology, passenger interface technology, ground communication technology, satellite internet technology, service and support.
Corbel Supports Panasonic Avionics many technology groups – Product Delivery, Product Development, Global IT, NOC and Security – Corbel Solutions provides technology for thousands of Panasonic Avionics employees, 2.7 billion air travel passengers and scores of Panasonic Avionics airline customers With configurations, integrations and testing managed on every order, Panasonic relies on Corbel Solutions to deliver the technology to move their business in every corner of the globe.
Locations like Hong Kong, Djibouti, Moscow, Santiago, Mumbai, Lagos, Copenhagen, Darwin and many others worldwide receive rack-and-stack ready technology solutions that Panasonic Avionics relies on for their business and reputation in the aviation community.Corbel Solutions’ global capabilities complement Panasonic Avionics and the greater aviation
community’s global needs for interconnectedness, safety, reliability and customer service. Panasonic Avionics is celebrating 40 years in business and is well-positioned for many more years of growth.


Corbel Solutions expertise in Configuration allows us to deliver solutions custom configured to a wide range of Panasonic Avionics business units. Our capability to customize these configurations enables us to deliver these solutions faster than any competitor.


As an International Logistics Provider – Corbel is able to service all of Panasonic Avionics Business units. Many of which are located around the globe. With data living in Hong Kong, Djibouti, Moscow, Santiago, Mumbai, Lagos, Copenhagen, Darwin and many others Corbel is a one stop shop.


Global locations are required for a more than just inter-connected office locations, the far-flung installations are vital to modern commercial flights,for safety,satellite communications,2-way plan avionics data transmissions and even passenger entertainment,these locations are ‘Teleports’,with a cluster of integrated technology delivered to fulfill these requirements