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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Project Detail

Corbel Solutions works intimately with Thermo Fisher Scientific, and many of its additional subsidiaries – to future plan, procure hardware in a timely manner, and incorporate emerging technologies into it’s IT stack to meet the needs of the digitally evolving world. Corbel executed a migration to dHCI for Thermo Fisher Scientific completely revamping one of their data centers.

ClientThermo Fisher Scientific
SkillsDigital Transformation

The story of this project

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global leader in scientific research. On their quest to make the world a healthier place, many of their business units look to Corbel Solutions to provide Infrastructure support and access to emerging technologies. In addition to hardware procurement through traditional channels, most recently – Corbel supported moving one of their data centers to a dHCI solution.

Corbel Supports Thermo Fisher by offering a vendor agnostic hardware procurement channel to many of its sites and subsidiaries.

With configurations, integrations and testing managed on every order, Thermo Fisher relies on Corbel Solutions to procure world changing technology in a timely fashion.


Corbel Solutions expertise in Configuration allows us to deliver solutions custom configured to any and all of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s sites or subsidiaries. Our capability to customize these configurations enables us to deliver these solutions faster than any competitor.


As an International Logistics Provider – Corbel is able to service all of the companies under the Thermo Fisher umbrella.


Insight into supply chain allows Thermo Fisher to effectively plan for the future. As well as on a project by project basis, helping alleviate the strain of the global supply chain shortage.